Blues Dance Classes in Atlanta

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Blues dances are street dances, but lessons and classes in a dance studio are extremely helpful as you learn to dance. More than one Atlanta dance studio or organization teaches blues dance classes on a regular basis. These are typically adult dance classes.

Blues dancing in Atlanta is mostly done as a social dance, and partner dancing happens around Atlanta up to several times a week. Solo blues dance is very much a thing, but while most Atlanta blues dance classes concentrate on partner dance styles, solo exercises can be used to build partner dancing skills.

Weekly Progressive Blues Dance Classes

Georgia Tech Dance Association

The Georgia Tech Dance Association (GTDA: The Swing Dance Club of Georgia Tech) will occasionally offer introductory blues dance classes. GTDA is not offering any blues dance lessons this semester, but we will add details here when GTDA's next round of blues classes is announced.

Monthly Blues Dance Lessons

Terminus is a monthly Atlanta blues and social dance event that tends to offer both introductory and special topic dance lessons before the actual social dance. These will often be blues dance classes, but will occasionally cover other social partner dances.

Blues Dance Workshops and Intensives

Brickyard Blues is an weekend long Atlanta blues dance workshop January 17-20, 2020. If immersing yourself in blues dance classes all day and then social dancing the night away to excellent blues bands and DJs sounds like fun, then make plans to attend Brickyard Blues.