Class signups are closed to everyone EXCEPT Leads in Beginner Plus and Intermediate levels. Those Leads should message us for registration instructions.

Dance Passes and Individual Dances Still Available At-the-Door at the Dances

Frankie's Blues Mission

Friday Dance: Frankie's Blues Mission

Blue Mark Studios: 892 Jefferson St NW, Atlanta, GA

8:15pm - 2:30am. Free Blues Dance Lesson at 8:15pm

  • $20 main dance w/ band (8:30pm-12am)
  • $10 DJ'd late night (12am-2:30am)
  • $25 for both combined (8:30pm-2:30am)
  • $70 Weekend Dance Pass (access to all dances)

RSVP on Facebook, pay at the door. About the band.

Rae and the Royal Peacocks

Saturday Dance: Rae & The Royal Peacocks

Blue Mark Studios: 892 Jefferson St NW, Atlanta, GA

8:30pm - 2:30am.

  • $25 main dance w/ band (8:30pm-12am)
  • $10 DJ'd late night (12am-2:30am)
  • $30 for both combined (8:30pm-2:30am)

RSVP on Facebook, pay at the door. About the band.

Incubator of the Blues

Atlanta was a major site for blues music before the advent of commercial recording, and was a key recording center once it began.

Amazing Instructors

We are bringing in some amazing instructors from across the US: Damon Stone and Kelsy Stone from San Francisco, Julie Brown from Boston, Kenneth Shipp from St. Louis, and more to come.

If you have taken classes from them before, you know just how good they are. If you have not already had them, you are in for a treat.

Killer Venues

We have some venues that will make you very happy.

Blue Mark Studios: How do you feel about dancing in a 137 year old former church with magnificent wooden floors?

Blind Willie’s Blues Club: This historic blues club is housed in a building constructed during the height of the early blues era, and dancers have it all to ourselves.

Awesome Bands

Atlanta still has a thriving blues music scene, with bands that tour nationally and internationally. We’d like to share some of them with you.

Excellent DJs

This year’s DJ lineup has talent spans the country. Featured DJs include Paul Loschak from Boston, Andi Hansen from Grand Rapids, Kenneth Shipp from St. Louis, and others not yet announced.

They’ve kept dancers moving all over the country and now they’re coming to Atanta.

Celebrate MLK Day in his City

Stay over Monday to celebrate the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his city.

There will be many opportunities all over Atlanta for education, exploration, service and to celebrate his life, ideas and deeds.

Workshop Instructors

Damon Stone

San Francisco

One of the foremost authorities on blues idiom dance

Featured instructor at camps, festivals and workshops across five continents

Kelsy Stone

San Francisco

A lifetime of dance training and a sharp eye for technique

Shares her joy and knowledge of blues idiom dances

Julie Brown


Widely known for her expressive dancing and dynamic connection

A clear, thoughtful, and earnest instructor

Kenneth Shipp

St. Louis

Brings excitement, authenticity and passion to the classroom

Known for his historical and contextual understanding of blues dance

Musicians and Bands

Frankie's Blues Mission

Friday Main Dance

Rae and the Royal Peacocks

Saturday Main Dance


Sunday Class Music
Sunday Main Dance

Blues Dance DJs

Andi Hansen

Grand Rapids

Kenneth Shipp

St. Louis

Can't wait for Brickyard Blues to begin?

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