Workshop Tracks, Levels and Placement

Class Levels

For 2022, Brickyard Blues will have general interest classes and special topics. While most classes are not explicitly leveled or tracked, it is helpful for planning purposes if you indicate your level. When registering, please select your level based on the following criteria:

Level Description
Beginner Intermediate

You have solid basics and are ready for more! You are comfortable in open, closed, and close embrace.

You understand connection, lag, pulse, and are starting to explore concepts like aesthetic and musicality.

Note: This level is not targeted at raw beginners. If you have never taken a blues class before, and have no experience with blues dance, Brickyard Blues classes might not be the best fit for you. Please attend at least one progressive beginner class series or beginner blues boot camp before signing up for the Beginner Intermediate track at Brickyard.


You are familiar with some idioms, blues aesthetic, blues vocabulary and are comfortable dancing to a variety of music.

You are solidly grounded, and understand concepts of musicality, pulse, lag.

You have taken intermediate level classes before and are excited to expand your vocabulary.


You consistently apply blues aesthetic and technique, and are able to layer different rhythms or isolations.

In addition to the above definitions, you can learn and figure out how to execute new movements based on observation.

You have experience with a variety of jukin’ idioms, and have likely been traveling for weekend workshops for several years.


You have the ability to understand, demonstrate and learn more nuanced concepts without detailed explanation.

You have experience with and can differentiate various jukin’ idioms including struttin’, slow drag, Piedmont, Chicago triple, Texas shuffle, etc. These classes will move at a faster pace, and will dive deeper. Fundamental knowledge of idiom is expected, and instructors reserve the right to suggest students that aren't a fit.

Class Placement

There will not be a structured level test, unless registration data suggests that one is necessary. Dancers are asked to contemplate the above criteria and make a considered selection of their level. Some advanced classes may also ask that you attend with a partner/learning group.

Class Tracks and Elective Blues Dance Classes

This year, the focus is more on special interest classes and special topics than tracks.

This allows everyone to customize their learning experience, get to know attendees that they may not otherwise, and for the organizers to maximize space and student options while keeping the workshop affordable.

Students can choose from the classes offered and attend what is the best fit for their learning level, their interests, and their dance goals.

Missed Registration? Pay at-the-door for Saturday & Sunday dances