Workshop Tracks, Levels and Placement

Class Levels

Brickyard Blues offers class material across three skill levels. When registering, please select your level based on the following criteria:

Level Description

You have solid basics and are ready for more! You are comfortable in open, closed, and close embrace.

You understand connection, lag, pulse, and are starting to explore concepts like aesthetic and musicality.


You have been dancing and studying blues for 1-2 years.

You are familiar with some idioms, blues aesthetic, blues vocabulary and are comfortable dancing to a variety of music.


You have a handle on all of the above, and have traveled to 2+ blues events in the past year.

You have the ability to understand, demonstrate and learn more nuanced concepts without detailed explanation.

Note: The Beginner+ level is not targeted at raw newbies. If you have never taken a blues class before, and have no experience with blues dance, Brickyard Blues classes are not the best fit for you. Please attend at least one progressive beginner class series or beginner blues boot camp before signing up for the Beginner track at Brickyard.

Class Placement

There will not be a structured level test, unless registration data suggests that one is necessary. Dancers are asked to contemplate the above criteria and make a considered selection of their level.

If someone makes a large error in self-evaluation, they may be privately encouraged to switch to a different level, where they can get the most out of the weekend.

Class Tracks

While Brickyard Blues makes the distinction between three class levels, during any given class block there will only be two classes offered.

However, nobody has to sit out. "Insanity!" you say. How is that possible? This is possible because certain classes will be combined levels.

The individual classes are designed for one of a range of levels: Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced.

Thus, during one class block, one class might be Beginner/Intermediate and the other Advanced. During another class block, one class might be Beginner and the other Intermediate/Advanced. At yet another time, the two classes might be Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced, and the Intermediate students can pick whichever class they prefer.

General Blues Dance Classes

Brickyard Blues is a Jookin' focused weekend. The general blues classes concentrate on topics that will help dancers develop within the Jookin' umbrella of blues dances. There are no Ballroomin' classes planned.

One of the aims of Brickyard Blues is to celebrate the music and blues history connected to the greater Atlanta area. With that in mind, and with so many places to dance to live blues in Atlanta on any given night of the week (Northside Tavern, Blind Willie's, Darwin's and the Vista Room), we designed the weekend to fit our environment.

Piedmont Blues Intensive

For intermediate and advanced blues dancers, there will be a Piedmont Blues intensive that spans multiple Sunday classes. Atlanta dancers are highly encouraged to attend the Piedmont intensive, since we have many opportunities to dance to live Piedmont blues in Atlanta.