Class Schedule for Brickyard Blues

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While there may be slight alterations to the classes, this schedule represents the focus and intent for the weekend.

Note: Due to venue restrictions, you cannot register for classes at-the-door. You must register in advance.

Saturday Classes

Bessie Branham Recreation Center: 2051 Delano Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30317

Timeframe Beginner Plus Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced Advanced
10:15 am - 10:40 am
10:45 am - 11:45 am
11:55 am - 12:55 pm
1:00 pm - 2:25 pm Lunch on your own
2:35 pm - 3:35 pm
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Sunday Classes

Bessie Branham Recreation Center: 2051 Delano Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30317

Timeframe Beginner Plus Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced Advanced
10:15 am - 10:40 am
10:45 am - 11:45 am
11:55 am - 12:55 pm
1:05 pm - 1:20 pm Pickup catered BBQ Lunch (pre-ordered) or grab takeout if you want to hear the talk
1:20 pm - 2:25 pm Lunch Talk
2:35 pm - 3:35 pm
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Class Descriptions

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Blues Triples

Instructors: Damon Stone

Triplets, shuffles, and accented beats--all of these are present in various blues genres from different decades and different parts of the country. We'll learn some of the established ways that these rhythms were dance to and have fun discovering new ways to play.


Instructors: Amanda Schoeck

We already know you love to learn dance. Now learn how to care for your body and keep those dancing shoes in use. This class will break down how the dances we love effect the body and teach self care techniques to keep it healthy.

Chicago Triple

Feeling comfortable or know the basics of this Chi-town original? From utilizing the crossover step to playing with our triples, this class will show you how to take this idiom to the next level and make it stand out from other triple step dances.

Connection as a Tool for Individual Expression

Instructors: Kelsy Stone

In this advanced class we will work on the nuances of having both leaders and followers voice within our dancing. For every dance. All. The. Time. You'll learn how to use lag and connection to express yourself to the music and your partner.

Deeper Dive into Slow Drag

Instructors: Damon & Kelsy Stone

The grand daddy of blues dances. Subtle. Musical. Nuanced. When done right the most satisfying and versatile blues dance.

Delta Slow Drag

Instructors: Damon & Kelsy Stone

This class brings us back to the heart of Blues slow dancing. You'll learn the oldest known blues dance and learn how to use the connection to express musicality within this idiom.

Footwork Fun

Want to express yourself through footwork, but not sure how? This is the class for you. We’ll go over the multitude of blues movements available to your feet and develop them into another fantastic layer in your dancing.

Fundamentals through Musicality

Instructors: Damon & Kelsy

What is the music doing? How do we derive the blues movement aesthetic from it? Learn to think and move with the values of the original blues dancers while reinforcing the fundamental building blocks of freestyle and idiom blues.

Funky Butt

"The funkiest of blues tunes requires the funkiest of butts". We'll go over the historical facets of Funky Butt, how to do it partnered and solo, while also diving into the aesthetic that separates stiff butts from get the drill.

Individuality within the Partnership

Take your partner dancing to the next level by learning how to put more of your own voice into the mix. We'll take a look at where to find opportunity and inspiration, as well as how to encourage our partners to chime in, too!

Leverage & Compression: Texas Shuffle & Piedmont

From Texas Shuffle to Piedmont Triple, each Jookin' dance utilizes a different level of leverage and compression to make them work. We'll dive into the mechanics of using them effectively and how the absence of them affects various parts of your dance.

Musicality with Live Band

Instructors: Damon & Kelsy Stone

What is musicality? Essentially it is transforming the music into movement. We'll dive deep into how to connect or movements to the music, how to express ourselves to our partners without sacrificing our roles, and how to have a good time without interfering with the other dancers or the musicians and their fun.

Piedmont with Live Band

Ready to try out your Piedmont movements with the actual musicians? We will use the techniques you know and explore where they make sense in real-time with some of the best musicians in the region.

Slow Drag: Comfy Close Embrace

Get into some good old-fashioned slow dancing, with one of the oldest partner dances: slow drag. Work on comfy, sweet dances, where we hold each other close and enjoy the simple things.

Slow Drag: Chill Out

Learn how to dance in a chill, relaxed way and you will master one of the trickiest parts to doing Slow Drag correctly. We'll emphasize why the context and music drives us to do less and helps you create a simpler, cool and connected dance.

Solo Gutbucket Movements

Let's get low-down with some rolling, twisting, and moving in the waist. In this class, we'll get inspiration & learn movements from dancers like Sandra Gibson, Al Minns, & James Berry, then find our own variations & style within this type of solo movement.


Come learn this fast-pace, close embrace dance from the blues bars of Memphis, TN. We’ll dive into Lean-To connection and footwork basics that make Struttin' unique and how to ground your dance in the music that drives it.

Schedule Legend

If you are wondering how the schedule components fit together, here is a handy legend to map it out.

The colors of the classes indicate the minimum appropriate level. If there is a combined class of more than one level, or elective appropriate for multiple levels, the color of the class will represent the minimum level of the combination. The schedule is a grid, so classes and electives that span more than one level will span more than one column.

If there are multiple electives in a time slot, they will be stacked within the time slot. The exception to the elective stacking format is the class slot on Sunday where there is an all levels elective, a class appropriate for three levels (intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced) and an advanced class. Here, advanced can take any class, while intermediate and intermediate-advanced can take either the all levels elective, or the combined class.

Click on the more vibrantly colored entries for class and level descriptions. More descriptions will be added soon.

Beginner Plus Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced Advanced

Beginner Plus Level Description

You have solid basics and are ready for more! You are comfortable in open, closed, and close embrace.

You understand connection, lag, pulse, and are starting to explore concepts like aesthetic and musicality.

Note: The Beginner Plus level is not targeted at raw newbies. If you have never taken a blues class before, and have no experience with blues dance, Brickyard Blues classes are not the best fit for you. Please attend at least one progressive beginner class series or beginner blues boot camp before signing up for the Beginner Plus track at Brickyard Blues.

Intermediate Level Description

You are familiar with some idioms, blues aesthetic, blues vocabulary and are comfortable dancing to a variety of music.

You are solidly grounded, and understand concepts of musicality, pulse, and lag.

You have taken intermediate level classes before and are excited to expand your vocabulary.

Intermediate-Advanced Level Description

You consistently apply blues aesthetic and technique, and are able to layer different rhythms or isolations.

In addition to the above definitions, you can learn and figure out how to execute new movements based on observation.

You have experience with a variety of jukin’ idioms, and have likely been traveling for weekend workshops for several years.

Advanced Level Description

You have the ability to understand, demonstrate and learn more nuanced concepts without detailed explanation.

You have experience with and can differentiate various jukin’ idioms including struttin’, slow drag, Piedmont, Chicago triple, Texas shuffle, etc. These classes will move at a faster pace.

Multiple Elective Choices

This class period has multiple elective choices that were hard to format.

Anyone can take the All Levels Elective

Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced and Advanced can take the Int+ Elective

Only Advanced should take the Advanced class