Dance and Class Venues

Blue Mark Studios

Main Dances and Late Nights
Friday and Saturday Nights

892 Jefferson St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Floor: Fast hardwood

Historic 137 year-old church turned gallery and event space

Magnificent wooden floor

Blind Willie's Blues Club

Main Dance
Sunday Night

828 North Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Floor: Medium speed hardwood

Dance in a historic, award-winning blues bar

We have Blind Willie's all to ourselves Sunday night

The Brickyard Blues team has some fantastic venues picked out for the weekend. For the dances, we would settle for nothing short of great atmosphere and excellent dance spaces. We think you will be delighted with the selections.

Blue Mark Studios

892 Jefferson St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Built in 1881 to house the Jefferson Street Methodist Church near Exposition Cotton Mills, this building is now home to Blue Mark Studios, an art gallery and event space.

Blue Mark has a magnificent wooden dance floor of the type you only find from ages past, when towering hardwoods were still plentiful and could be used to support the entire room to give the floor just the right spring. The floor surface has been lovingly cared for, and is silky smooth and great for dancing.

While the church choir is long gone, music will still flow from the chancel as our musicians take the stage.

Replace Hooper with Blues Dancers

Remove Chairs, Insert Blues Dancers, Band, and DJ

Blind Willie's Blues Club

828 North Highland Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

The best place to hear live blues is in the wild. You know, those small intimate bars, jook joints and clubs where the music is still very much alive. The only problem is, there is rarely space to dance in those settings.

Problem solved: For the Sunday main dance, Blind Willie's is closed to the public and open just for blues dancers! The club is removing nearly all of the tables and chairs and opening up the room into an open dance floor.

Housed in a 1920's era building, this historic blues club has hosted nearly 10,000 nights of live blues. Your favorite blues musician from the last 30 years has likely played here.

While Blind Willie's has a list of awards a mile long, the one that will tell you all you need to know is this: Blind Willie's is a recipient of the Blues Foundation's W.C. Handy Award for Blues Club of the Year.

Want to come dance here while you have a chance at exclusive use of the floor and lots of other blues dancers to dance with? You betcha!

PS: The bar will be open and serving attendees over 21 (18+ is fine to attend, you just have to be 21 to drink). Everyone can order from the food menu.