Blues Dance DJs

Adam Wilkerson

Adam’s passion for social dancing and blues music bleeds into his setlists. Taking care to curate his music library, Adam loves sharing a variety of blues with any dance floor. He’s keen to play everything ranging from Jazz Blues to Chicago style, and everywhere in between.

Being a Mississippi native, Adam fell in love with the sound of an acoustic guitar and can’t wait to share some great Piedmont and Delta blues with all of you! Adam’s danced, taught, and DJ’d at events all over the country and abroad.

Between teaching Blues dance and studying the music, he has become a fanatic about focusing the dance around the music, and is eager to share that philosophy with you through his setlists!

Instructors on the Decks

Some of the Brickyard Blues instructors will also be spinning short DJ sets during some of the dances. Keep your ears peeled to see what they have to share.