Brickyard Blues Workshop Update: December 13, 2017

By Benjy | December 13, 2017

Welcome to the first Brickyard Blues update. We should be making these updates more frequently in the future, so welcome and settle in for a good ride.

Website News

Hey, look! A new site

If you came to the Brickyard Blues website before today, it would have looked quite different.

That site was just a placeholder while other tasks were being handled. The new site infrastructure should not only look nicer, and be more functional, but also allow quick buildout as we enter the stage when rapid additions are made to all areas of the site.

Upcoming Announcements

Behind the scenes, things have been bubbling. While we are not quite ready to announce any instructors, venues or musicians, we have been talking to all three and should have some news to share very, very soon.

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