Event Pricing and Deadlines

At-the-Door Pricing (After March 7)

Any pass that includes classes has sold out and will not be offered at the door.

You can still get dance passes and admissions to individual dances.

Item Price Details
ATD Full Weekend Pass $140 SOLD OUT! Access to all dances, talks and both Saturday and Sunday classes.
ATD Dance Pass $75 Access to all dances.
Saturday One Day Class Pass $60 SOLD OUT! Access to Saturday classes

Due to venue restrictions, we cannot sell anything at-the-door during Saturday classes.

Register in advance online, or pay at-the-door during the Friday night dance.

Saturday classes are general Jookin' blues.
Sunday One Day Class Pass $65 SOLD OUT! Access to Sunday classes

Piedmont Blues Intensive or general Jookin' Blues. Day with live music in class. Lunch talk.
Friday Main + Late Night Dances $25 9:00 pm - 2:30 am
      Friday Main Dance $15 9:00 pm - midnight. DJ'd Blues music.
      Friday Late Night $10 midnight - 2:30 am. DJ'd Blues music.
Saturday Main + Late Night Dances $35 8:00 pm - 2:30 am
      Saturday Main Dance $25 8:00 pm - midnight. Live Blues music from Beverly 'Guitar' Watkins and band + DJ'd breaks
      Saturday Late Night $10 midnight - 2:30 am. DJ'd Blues music
Sunday Main Dance $15 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Live Blues music + DJ'd breaks

Note: Some at-the-door options may become unavailable if advance registrations exceed a certain level.

Event pricing

We are doing a “pay what you can” model this year. This means that we want EVERYONE to attend, while still running an event that allows us to have top quality venues, music, and instructors. There are 15 subsidized passes initially available, and after that each “Benefactor” attendee will sponsor another subsidized pass.

If you want to attend, but money is an issue – consider VOLUNTEERING! There is a place to mark interest on the registration form.

Item Price Details
Full Weekend: Flash Pass $70 SOLD OUT! These disappeared in mere minutes.
Full Weekend: Subsidized
(Need a little help from my friends)
$85 SOLD OUT! If you are a student, or otherwise tight on money -- come on down! We are happy to have you.

This price level is supported by benefactors and may go out of stock if subsidized registrations meet or exceed benefactor registrations.
Full Weekend: Standard Pricing $99 SOLD OUT! This price is the standard break even price for attendees that helps us pay for instructors, venues, bands, and DJs.
Full Weekend: Benefactor $115 SOLD OUT! If you can afford a few extra dollars, this subsidizes the "discount" rate above that allows more attendees to register at a lower price.
Dance Pass
(Opens Feb 14)
$70 All the dances, none of the classes.

Quantities may be limited if Full Weekend is approaching or already at capacity, so don't wait.
Single Day Class Pass
(Opens Feb 14)
$50 SOLD OUT! One day of classes, no dances.

Quantities may be limited if Full Weekend is approaching or already at capacity, so don't wait.
Add-on: T-shirt $17 T-shirt price before the production order is placed with screen printer.
$20 At-the-door T-shirt price. Very limited quantities available.
Add-on: Sunday BBQ Lunch $13.50 Served during Sunday lunch talk, so you won't miss any of it.

Choice of BBQ Pork or BBQ Chicken, two sides and a selection of drinks.
Pass transfers $5 This helps with the overhead of processing transfers.

Note: Dance passes and single day class passes may become unavailable if advance registrations exceed a certain level.

Deadlines and Important Dates

Date Milestone
Wed, February 14 Registration opens for Dance Passes and Single Day Class-Only passes.

Quantities may be limited if Full Weekend is approaching or already at capacity, so don't wait.
Tue, February 20 Last day to order shirts at regular price.

Last guaranteed day that you can order a shirt.
Wed, February 21 Shirt prices increase to at-the-door prices. Shirt production order submitted to screen printer. Starting February 21, shirt availability is not guaranteed. We will only be ordering a small quantity of shirts beyond those already ordered by attendees, so when the small extra inventory is gone, it is gone.
Fri, March 2 Absolute last day to request housing.

NOTE: Housing may close earlier if it is oversubscribed, so register, complete payment and get your housing request in as early as possible to secure your spot. Make sure your travel buddies do the same.
Mon, March 5 Last day to complete pass transfers

(This gives us two days to get a registration code to the pass recipient and for them to register before registration closes).
Wed, March 7 Last day to register online.

Last day to edit your booking.

Last day to add Sunday BBQ lunch to your booking.