Event T-Shirts

Are you the type of person who likes their event shirts made from soft, premium fabrics?

Are you the type of person who likes soft, breathable inks that look good and wear well?

I know we are.

That's why the Brickyard Blues staff rejected the idea of using stiff scratchy shirts with unbreathable plasticy overlay ink. Nope, nope, nope!

We wanted much better than that. We wanted a shirt that we wanted to wear.

The design goal for the Brickyard Blues shirts is a premium graphic Tee that you would want to wear to social events far beyond dance events. We wanted it to both look good and feel good.

The inks are soft and breathable, while the shirt is soft and petable.

How Soft? About this Soft.

The Fabric

Both the Unisex and Women's styles are made from a 50/25/25 tri-blend fabric. This combines the breathability of cotton with the soft, pliable structure of synthetics. Is it the softest thing you're ever likely to touch? Some people think so, but even if it is not the absolute softest thing you have ever experienced, it will be very close.

Don't worry about getting hemmed in by a stiff shirt, either. Tri-blend fabric is ever so slightly stretchy, so it can adjust to your active dance lifestyle.

More importantly, tri-blend fabrics don't keep heat trapped between the fabric and your skin like cheaper fabrics do. This is pretty handy if you want to dance in your event shirt.

Look cool, dance cool.

Go pull out the softest, best wearing, least shrinking t-shirt you have, and it is probably a tri-blend shirt. If you don't already have a luxurious tri-blend, then get ready for your new favorite shirt.

The Inks

You know that designer graphic Tee that you spent over $100 for at a boutique, which has magically soft ink that seems to be one with the shirt fabric? We're using inks like that.

Depending on the underlying shirt color, we are using either waterbase ink or discharge ink. Because these inks sink into the fabric to become a part of it, they allow the fabric to breathe. This is really important if you will be wearing your Brickyard Blues shirt while dancing.

Another benefit of using an ink that becomes one with the fabric instead of sitting on top of it is that the printed area of the shirt moves and feels like the fabric, not like there is something stiff and heavy stuck to it. This means that your shirt will maintain its original lightweight, super soft feel, durability and pliability.

Instead of completely obscuring the shirt, these inks show some of the fabric color through the ink, giving a vintage look. This vintage ink effect pairs perfectly with the weathered look of the graphic.

The Design

The Brickyard Blues logo + shirt graphic was designed by @Anna Marie Gosselin: Artist, Architect, SCAD grad, Blues Dancer.

Weathered bricks within the name of Brickyard Blues rendered in modern font, the design captures the spirit of the event; alluding to the story of Atlanta, and the road traveled by blues dance.

Most importantly, it looks cool. You're going to be cool wearing it.

The Printer: Danger Press

Through the years, the organizers have ordered a lot of shirts for other events and activities. This is the first time that we have run into a screen printer that is so totally dedicated to the art of the process.

The print house is not something one would normally discuss, but just watch the video below. These folks are true believers in their craft. Just listen to the love and obsession in their voices as they talk about the process.

These are the people printing our shirts, and you will see that craftsmanship reflected in the shirt you wear.

Add Shirt to Existing Registration

If you have already registered, you can go back and add a shirt to your order.

Just, click the link in your registration email and edit your booking.

Register and Get a Shirt

Now, go register and choose which shirt you want. You can pick more than one style!

Note: The above examples represent the intended look of the Brickyard Blues shirt selections. Graphics will be carefully aligned on the production shirts. Due to the printing process, graphics may appear slightly different than on these mockups, but this is what we're going for.