Self-Service Pass Transfer

Brickyard Blues uses a self-service pass transfer. There is no need to track down the right staff person and then go back and forth – just collect the necessary information, fill out the form, and submit. After that, our staff will have what they need to process the transfer and get the recipient registered.

Pass Transfer Steps

  1. Find someone who wants to acquire your pass.

  2. Work out any payment, trade or gifting arrangements between yourselves.

  3. Fill out the pass transfer form – This will be available once registration opens.

    Check your registration confirmation email. Use the same email address that you used for the original registration. The Booking ID is also in your registration confirmation email.

  4. The original registration will be canceled. The original pass holder is done with the process at this point.

  5. Brickyard Blues staff will create an Event Code, which will be emailed to the pass recipient. The Event Code will allow them to go through the normal registration and housing process. The only difference is that the code will allow the recipient to register for the same pass type and add-ons as the original registrant without owing any money for those registration items.

  6. The pass recipient registers using the Event Code. The recipient’s standing in the housing pool will be the same as if they had registered normally at this time.


Wednesday, January 1: Last day for a pass recipient to register and be fully guaranteed their choice of shirt styles, colors and sizes.

After January 1, shirt stock will be limited by how many extra shirts we ordered from the screen printer.

Saturday, January 11: Last day to complete a transfer.

The pass transfer deadline is two days before the close of registration. This gives us just enough time to process the registration changes, get a registration code to the recipient and then have that person register before registration closes.

What about T-shirts and Lunch add-ons?

When you transfer a pass, you also transfer the add-ons that you included in your registration. If your registration included a lunch or a t-shirt, the code received by the pass recipient will also cover these items.

Ready to initiate the pass transfer?

Go to the pass transfer form

Missed Registration? Pay at-the-door for Sunday Classes and Sunday Late Night.