Terms and Conditions

We are in the process of building a great site, but we are not there yet. We value you as a visitor and sincerely appreciate your participation. Since we don't yet have enough money to hire a lawyer, the following is our attempt at terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

BluesDanceATL.org is at an early stage of construction. This means that the website is not yet stable and many features are still being worked on. By using the website you are agreeing to participate in testing the service and release us of any liability.

These Terms and Conditions will be updated as the site progresses. Any updates will be posted in this location, so check back as you use the site. They will become much more concrete and precise before we actually open up registration for an event.

You promise not to do anything illegal or inappropriate. We reserve the right to control access to the website as needed, especially if one engages in the aforementioned naughty behavior. Currently we are unable to take any responsibility of the outcome from usage of our website. Please participate at your own risk.

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